Are They Clean?

Health and Wellness
Elizabeth Barr

Korie Hurst

"The project is about identifying the most effective method of cleaning hands, either sanitizing or handwashing. I chose this project because during the COVID-19 pandemic my class started to sanitize and wash our hands more often. I wanted to see if we actually cleaned our hands when we used either method. I concluded that handwashing is more effective on bacteria and dirt than hand sanitizing. My project is important because when given a choice between hand sanitizing, people tend to pick sanitizing, but handwashing is actually much more effective. After being given the knowledge from this experiment, people will use hand washing and clean their hands better."

Project presentation

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One thought on “Are They Clean?

  1. I liked seeing your hand-written notes of your experiment and then how you cleaned it all up for presentation! Wondering if you had compared the same breads (both white or wheat, one with preservatives and one without), if that would have made a difference?

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