Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Sophia Barnett

Lisa Scott

"For my science fair project, I was testing whether or not fingerprint patterns are inherited. During my research, I found that you inherit many of your traits from your family members. I believed that yes, fingerprint patterns are inherited because we inherit many of our traits from our family members, so why not our fingerprint patterns? For my experiment, I gathered three different families and took all their fingerprints. Then, I had to decide whether the pattern was an arch, loop, or whorl, and see if the children's patterns matched their parent's. During my experiment, I found that yes, fingerprint patterns are inherited, because all of the children inherited the same pattern as one of their parents. I decided to do this project because fingerprints are something that interest me, and I was curious to know if we inherited our patterns from our relatives like we do with the rest of our traits."

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3 thoughts on “Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?

  1. Very exciting question, you made some interesting observations. I hope you continue your research on greater sample, I will be curious to see new results.

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