Grand Award

3rd Place

Aqua Shock

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Ryan Boyle Hudson Hamilton

Raina York

"Our project tested how far an electric current could travel through water. We chose to do this project because we were curious how far the current from a lightning bolt could travel in water. We found that is should take 2.88 x 10^6 L to completely neutralize a 9 volt battery. This project could help save lives by calculating the distance that the electricity from a fallen powerline could travel in water. It also taught us how important it is to be safe with electricity. "

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2 thoughts on “Aqua Shock

  1. How pure was the water you used and in the river? There are probably lots of minerals in all of the water that could affect your results. Otherwise, nice project.

  2. I like your inspiration for this project. The result is quite interesting. I encourage you to continue the project with placing the electrodes at different distances (making a map) in some of the cases.Congratulation and wishing further interesting projects.

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