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American Psychological Association Outstanding Achievement Award

Analyzing Patterns in Music Composition within the Film Industry

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Lily Figueroa Angelina Garcia Malak Elfarmaoui

Dr. Tara Archuleta

"This project was created to determine if there is a consistency in soundtrack selection of various music supervisors that influences the emotional portrayal of certain scenes in films.​ In our conduction, we recorded data from various types of films that contained music soundtracks. These music soundtracks were composed to portray to attract many specific emotions. This experiment helped predict how an audience may interpret the present character's feelings and mind set of the current scene by the use of musical scores."

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4 thoughts on “Analyzing Patterns in Music Composition within the Film Industry

  1. There is a very cool inclusion of independent variables in determining what is affected by the genre of the scene/movie.

  2. I thought this was a very eye opening experiment. As a musician, this was very refreshing to see musical terms in science, and made it easier for me to relate to. The methods were nice and specific, and the results were what I expected now that I think about it.

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