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Energy and Environmental Engineering
Sayuri "Ellie" Carter-Rogel

Sabina Vaswani

A greenhouse is an essential tool for home gardens to protect delicate plants from the weather. But, how do you find an appropriate greenhouse if your backyard garden space is very small? My answer was to build one. For my project, using environmental engineering, I created an environmentally-friendly greenhouse for my mom’s small garden space. With “upcycled” plastic CD cases and old wooden picture frames along with store-bought wood slats, I successfully designed and built a strong, lightweight, CD case greenhouse that met my mom’s gardening needs, saved plastic from the landfill, and perfectly fit our long and narrow raised bed. My design has innovations that include removable magnetic doors on the roof, handles to help move the structure, ventilation, and double insulated walls by using closed CD cases. Most importantly, it works. After the below freezing temperatures this February, all the plants were healthy and warm.

Project presentation

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