A Toxic Examination

Health and Wellness
Seraphina Bandaru

José Robles

"Many people around the world have very minimum amounts of water. Those many people also drink water keeping aside of the fact of whether that water they are drinking is toxic or not. The fact of this was my inspiration to see what water is the most non-toxic, and its nitrite; nitrate; pH level; alkalinity; and hardness. This conducted research was also to help parents, employees of government facilities, and travelers to decide on whether the water they are drinking is harmful. As researched, the various amounts of water in the world can be able to give people many diseases. These diseases are: Cholera; Hepatitis A; Typhoid; and Polio. As well as being involved with this COVID-19 pandemic, scientists do not know whether this virus can spread in water, but it can be detected in sewage and untreated wastewater. This is why If many others come to know about which water is most contaminated, they can be very sure of what to drink in this pandemic and to be hydrated with the right water everywhere."

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