A Revised Version of Shoe Inserts That Reduce Pain

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Kelsey Gaare

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? My engineering project is about making a new and revised shoe insert that will reduce pain on the feet and knees. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I know a lot of people including myself who have feet and knee problems and I wanted to make an insert that will help reduce that pain. What was your result/overall conclusion? I had made two prototypes, Prototype A was not very effective because the padding kept flattening. Prototype B was more effective because the padding would still flatten, but not as much as Prototype A and there was more comfort. My result was that Prototype B was the most effective. Why is your project important? My project is important because 75% of Americans have feet problems and approximately 25% of adults have knee problems. This prototype would help people with their feet and knee pain "

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  1. I really like that you tried to solve a problem that you personally are dealing with. I hope that you continue your research to find the perfect shoe insert for yourself. Maybe you could sell them someday!

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