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A-Bird - Automated Bird Recognition Device

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Finnegan McGill

Mrs. Lara Huetter

"A-BiRD (Automated Bird Recognition Device) is a tool to collect continuous and objective data for ornithologists. Scientists all around the world are observing changes in bird populations and a decline in bird species. In their attempt to find answers, the scientific community relies on bird observations made almost entirely by ordinary citizens who volunteer their interest and time to help collect important data. Unfortunately for the professionals, common people tend to be inconsistent sources who make mistakes or misinterpret data. The engineering solution described in this project solves these issues. A-BiRD consists of a microphone array that is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi. The computer is programmed to listen to ambient sounds, record bird songs, show audio curves, and send all data to BirdNET at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for analysis in order to determine what kind of bird is present in a specific location. A-BiRD uses the same data from the microphone array to determine the angular direction of a bird. This allows it to distinguish between two different birds or two birds of the same species singing at the same time in different locations. A-BiRD works seamlessly. It reads and processes all audio files well. The correlation algorithm successfully determines the angle direction of birds. Data files are uploaded to BirdNET smoothly and with 100% accuracy. As a result, ornithologists can make valuable predictions regarding bird species, inferred nesting locations, preferred habitat, and migration patterns. A-BiRD is a successful tool to track the rise and fall of bird populations by species more easily. Since the system can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the continuous coverage improves the accuracy and continuity of bird data. A-BiRD can be employed globally for objective data collection without relying on human intervention. "

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  1. Outstanding project, congratulations and wish success in your further research in future.

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