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Subjective Commitment in Homo Sapiens

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Isabella Huerta Aurora Dunn

Tara Archuleta

"The commitment of marriage is no small thing, neither is the commitment to a job or purchasing a house. Most times people follow through and stay devoted, however, there are times that people escape when the idea becomes real. This explains why some people are left at the altar because the opportunity became reality and reality got too real. In this project we will be studying subjective commitment from a psychological perspective. This will allow us to determine one’s willingness and readiness to complete a task when the opportunity is presented rather than when it is just a proposition. Our survey will consist of a series of questions in which one selected question will be asked twice, once as a proposition, then asked again as a reality. We will be observing the results between the target questions so that we may come to a conclusion on whether or not the actuality of the activity has become so palpable that it will not be fulfilled. "

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  1. The question you are asking in this study is very interesting, this is a really great project!

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