Descrying Behavior Efficiency Through Inspection of Divergent Images

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dayla Galindo Galindo

Elyse Wexler

"My project is determining if certain images, specifically chosen to convey an emotion, will change a person's task efficiency and timing when performing a simple task. I chose this project because social and behavioral sciences have always been very interesting to interpret; this gave me the encouragement to perform my own experiment to find the differences and similarities in the way people go about doing things and how their behavior can be influenced by something minor. By conclusion was quite interesting, unlike how most gender norms would think, men and non-binary people have been most task efficient upon observing the calm images I chose for this project and women were most efficient upon seeing the bolder images. When it came to their time efficiency, i.e. which pictures took less time, men and non-binary were more time efficient under the bold images and women were time efficient under the color images. My project is important because it helps give an insight to which themed items can boost the task efficiency of anyone when asked to perform a task and how to get the best results or get the most time efficient results. "

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